This Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) under the ACE (Academic Collaboration & Engagement) initiative of Nutan Maharashtra Vidya Prasarak Mandal (Under Administrative Support of Pimpri Chichwad Education Trust) is made on this day ( / / 2020) by and amongst XYZ Industry, having its registered office at XYZ, Pune and Nutan Maharashtra Vidya Prasarak Mandal (NMVPM) having its office at Vishnupuri Talegaon Dabhade, Pune.


  • Information of XYZ Industry:
  • Information of NMVPM:
    Nutan Maharashtra Vidya Prasarak Mandal (NMVPM) was started by great freedom fighter Lokmanya BAL GangadharTilak and Vishnu Vijapurkar in the year 1906.

    Following are the NMVPM’s Institutes:-
    1. Nutan Maharashtra Vidya Polytechnic, Talegaon Dabhade.
    2. Nutan Maharashtra Institute of Engineering and Technology, Talegaon Dabhade.
    3. Nutan College of Engineering and Research (Proposed)
    4. Navin Samarth Vidyalay, Talegaon Dabhade.
    5. Adv. P.V.ParajapeVidya Mandir, TalegaonDabhade.
    6. Pragati Vidya Mandir, Indori.
    7. Pavana Vidya Mandir, Pavananagar.
    8. Shri. EkviraVidyaMandir, Karla.
    9. Shri. Chatrapati Shivaji Vidya Mandir, Kanhe.
    10. Paisa Fund Primary School, TalegaonDabhade
    11. Mamasaheb Khandge English School (CBSC), TalegaonDabhade
    12. S.M. Shah Pavana Junior College, Pavananagar
    13. Anantrao Kashid Junior College, Indori.
    14. Shri. Chatrapati Shivaji Junior College, Kanhe.
    15. Shri. Ekvira Junior college, Karla.

NMVPM has 08 Secondary Schools, 4 Junior Colleges, 01 Polytechnic, 01 Engineering college.And 01 Engineering college isproposed for approval Through NMVPM around 10,000 students are studying each year and from last 114 years education is provide to all the needy students from rural area.


    • For Industry:
      1. Students will be available for CSR Activities (Tree plantation, Blood donation, rural education,etc)
      2. Space can be available for Incubation/Training activities of the industries with mutual consent.
      3. Training of Industry employees on Stress Management, Behavioral aspects, Soft Skills, Motivation, etc by experts from institutes.
      4. Career Guidance by Career counselor from institute to kids of the employees.
      5. Library and E-Journals will be available as per the requirement of industry.
      6. Laboratories, softwares will be available.
      7. Conference Hall, Meeting Hall, Auditorium facilities of the institute can be available for conducting Industrial programs.
      8. Ground facility is also available for annual sport activities of industries.
      9. Freshers / Experienced candidates will be available from institutes to the industries for recruitment.
      10. Students will be available for industry outsourced projects and internships.
      11. Customize training facility will be provided.
      12. Consultancy/Survey work like customer satisfaction can be provided.
      13. Exploring and carrying out any other activities with mutual consent.
    • For Institute:
      1. Sharing of new technologies/advancements for upgraded teaching and curriculum development.
      2. Conducting guest lectures / seminars on subjects of academic as well as professional interest for cross-fertilization of ideas for overall growth / grooming of the students.
      3. Giving the exposure of corporate culture to the Institute students and faculty through Industrial Visits/Tours.
      4. Conducting Faculty training programs whenever required.
      5. Conducting Placement drive/ campus interviews at our institute.
      6. Participation of industry in Technical Events of the Institute.
      7. Company will provide opportunity for industrial projects for our students.
      8. Opportunity of Internships /Training to the students.
      9. Facility for research work and innovations with joint efforts.
      10. Help & bridge the gap between academia and industry and contribute to the Education Eco system.
  2. COST:

    Parties acknowledge and agree to bear their own costs associated with the obligations set forth in this MoU. No hidden cost to any party.

    The parties agree that provisions contained in this MoU do not create any legal obligations between the Parties, save for the confidentially provisions in this MoU.
    The parties herein are independent contractors. This MoU does not create any agency, partnership, joint venture or any other business relationship between the Parties.
    Nothing in this MoU shall mean or shall be construed to mean that either party is at any time precluded from having similar arrangements with any other person or third party, subject always to maintaining confidentiality obligations stated herein.
    This MoU cannot be assigned to any third party, without the prior return consent of the other party.
  7. NATURE:
    This MoU is mutually acceptable, non legal, non commercial and as per the availability and comfort of the parties. This is for the benefit of NMVPM students and industries.