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Approved By AICTE- New Delhi, Government of Maharashtra and DTE Mumbai
Affiliated To Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University (DBATU ID-6419), Lonere
ISO 21001:2018 Certified


Name: Dr. Vikas Yadav
Designation: Associate Professor and  Head of Department (Mechanical Engg.)
Qualification: Ph.D. (Mechanical), M.Tech. (Fluids and Thermal Engg), B.E. (Mechanical)
Area of Interest:  Thermodynamics, Heat transfer
Experience:  5.5 Yrs (Teaching) + 5 yrs (Research) + 3.5 yrs (Industry)
Publication: 04 (International Journal) + 01 (International Conference)
Email id :
Contact No: 9981921654

Name: Mr. Milind G. Ovhal
Designation: Assistant Professor, Workshop Superintendent, Dean (Student Welfar)
Qualification:  Ph.D.(Mech) Pursuing, M.E. (Manufacturing & Automation), MBA(HR), AMIE, Diploma (Mech)
Area of Interest: Manufacturing & automation
Experience: 05 Yrs (Teaching) + 14 Yrs (Industrial)
Publication: 01 (International Journal) + 02 (International Conference)
Patent: 01
Copyrights: 02
Email Id.:
Contact No: 8830992988

Name: Mrs. Nilima Rahul Gadge
Designation: Assistant Professor, B.Voc Coordinator
Qualification:  M.E. (Heat Power) Mechanical, B.E.(Production)
Experience: 15 Yrs (Teaching) + 1.5 Yrs (Industrial)
Area of Interest: Thermal Engineering, Heat Power
Publication: 16 (International Journal) + 02 (International Conference) + 01 UGC
Patent: 80
Copyrights: 06
Books: 02 (National ) + 01 (International)
Award: 01 (Word Records India)
Email Id.:
Contact No: 7558545385

Name: Mr. Bhushan Shankarrao Pawar
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: M.E.(Heat Power), B.E.(Mechanical)
Experience: 12 Yrs (Teaching) + 03 Yrs (Industrial)
Area of Interest: Thermal Engineering
Publication: 02 (International Journal)
Copyrights: 01
Email Id.:
Contact No: 9309732954

Name: Mr. Shailendra N. More
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: M.E. (Design Engineering), B.E.(Automobile Engg.)
Experience: 27 Yrs (Teaching)
Area of Interest: Design Engineering
Publication: 03 (International Journal) + 01 (International Conference)
Email Id.:
Contact No: 7218562826

Name: Mr. Vishal V. Birajdar
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: Ph.D.(Mechanical) Pursuing, M.E.(Machine Design), B.E.(Mechanical)
Area of Interest: Machine Design
Experience: 07 Yrs (Teaching) + 01 Yrs (Industrial)
Publication: 05 (International Journal) + 07 (International Conference)
Patent: 02
Email Id.:
Contact No: 9595483837

Name: Mr. Mukund Ramdas Kharde
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: M.Tech (Design Engg.), B.E.(Mechanical)
Area of Interest: Design & Manufacturing
Experience : 8.5 Yrs (Teaching) + 01 Yrs (Industrial)
Publication: 04 (International Journal)
Email Id.:
Contact No: 7588694577

Name: Mr. K Subhash
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: Ph.D.(Mech) Pursuing, M.E.(Design Engg.), B.E. (Mech), Diploma (Mech)
Area of Interest: Design Engineering
Experience : 10 Yrs (Teaching) + 01 Yrs (Industrial)
Publication: 12 (International Journal) (02 Scopus) + 08 (International Conference)
Copyrights: 02
Email Id.:
Contact No: 8407924875

Name: Mr. Mujahid K. Shaikh
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: M.E. (CAD Manufacturing), B.E. (Metallurgy)
Area of Interest: Metallurgy, Manufacturing
Experience : 24 Yrs (Industrial) + 01 Yrs (Teaching)
Publication: 01 (International Journal)
Email Id.:
Contact No: 9764613189

Name: Mr. Anil J. Yadav
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: M.E.(Production), B.E. (Mechanical)
Area of Interest: Manufacturing and Automation
Experience : 18 Yrs (Teaching) + 01 Yrs (Industrial)
Publication: 01 (International Journal) + 01 (International Conference) + 03 (National Conference)
Email Id.:
Contact No: 9209022951

Name: Mr. Vijay R. Darade
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: M.E. (CAD /CAM), B.E. (Production)
Area of Interest: Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE), Manufacturing
Experience : 10 Yrs (Teaching) + 06 Yrs (Industrial)
Publication: 02 (International Journal)
Email Id.:
Contact No: 8888584636

Name: Dr. Digvijay Ankush Patil
Designation: Associate Professor
Qualification: Ph.D. (Mechanical), M.Tech. (Thermal and Fluids Engg.), B.E. (Mechanical)
Area of Interest: Air-Conditioning, Heat transfer
Experience : 01 Yrs (Teaching) + 07 Yrs (Research)
Publication: 04 (International Journal) + 01 (International Conference) + 01 (National Conference)
Patent: 01
Email Id.:
Contact No: 9890017823

Name: Mr. Madan Suresh Kulkarni
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: M-Tech mechanical Manufacturing
Area of interest: Manufacturing, Composites, Welding, Machining
Experience: 11 years
Publication: 06 (SCI Journal) + 06 (International Journal) + 03 (International Conference) + 02 (National Conference)
Copyrights: 02
Book Chapter : 01
Email id:
Contact No: 9372578281
Google scholar Link:

Technical Staff:

Prof Shailendra .N.More, NCER

Name: Mr. Ravi Dabhade
Designation: Technical Assistant
Qualification: Diploma in Automobile
Experience: 14 Yrs
Contact No: 9970639516

Mr. Dikshant C. Chandanshive, NCER

Name: Mr. Dikshant C. Chandanshive
Designation: Lab Assistant
Qualification: Diploma (Mechanical Engg.)
Experience: 02 Yrs (Industrial)
Contact No: 9370746319
Email id:

Workshop Staff:

Mr. Samadhan G. Gambhire, NCER

Name: Mr. Samadhan G. Gambhire
Designation: Welding Instructor
Qualification: I.T.I Welder, NCTVT
Experience: 11 Yrs
Contact No: 9527514635

Mr. Jaydip M. Bhalekar, NCER

Name: Mr. Jaydip M. Bhalekar
Designation: Carpenter Instructor
Qualification: Carpenter
Experience: 10 Yrs
Contact No: 9503350445